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Riesling - 2013

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A warm summer and lingering autumn produced beautifully ripe fruit. Late season rain produced a nice proportion of nobly botrytic berries which has given the wine extra flavour and depth.


The bouquet and flavour suggest peaches, apricots, lychees, frangipani, honeysuckle and mandarin. It is concentrated and mouth filling with a backbone of minerality and tangy acidity that complements it’s off dry finish and draws out its length. With careful cellaring it should develop a complex range of other nuances and live for a decade or more.

Merlot Cabernet - 2012

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By delaying harvest until late in the season after a coolish summer we were still able to pick physiologically ripe fruit that was in excellent condition.  Being made from classical Claret varieties, we used typical bordelaise winemaking methods, including pump over with aeration during fermentation and maturation in French oak barriques for two years.

On release the wine has a bright ruby hue with abundant aromas and flavours suggesting purple plums, cassis and wild blackberries. These initial impressions of ripe fruit are supported by an underlay of tobacco, vanilla pod, chocolate mocha and spice. The wine enters the palate subtly but expands into a robust, muscular, satisfyingly dry finish.

Encore - 2011

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In late autumn we hand-picked only the most perfectly raisined botrytic berries to make this wine in the style of an Alsatian  Selection des Grains Nobles or a German trockenbeerenauslësen.


On release the wine has a bright golden sheen and a complex panoply of aromas and flavours. Orange blossom and jasmine intertwine with apricot, peach, guava, lychee, marmalade and comb honey. It is rich, unctuous and luscious in the mouth but has a sinuous spine of minerality and crisp acidity that keep it from cloying and draw out its lingering aftertaste.

Pinot Noir - 2012

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By harvesting late in the season after a coolish summer we were able to pick physiologically ripe fruit in excellent condition. We used traditional Burgundian winemaking methods, including fermentation in small vats by the grapes’ own micro-organisms and ageing in French oak barriques for 18 months.


On release the wine has a bright ruby hue. The bright aromas and flavours suggest blackberries, raspberries and black cherries supported by an underlay of chocolate and cinnamon. Savoury elements, including impressions of roast meats and grilled mushroom, should become more prominent as the wine ages. It is generous and mouth filling but has a refined palate with plush velvety tannins and a lingering spicy aftertaste. It should develop a range of additional fascinating nuances with careful cellaring over the next decade and live well beyond.


Wine in moderation is a natural health food.

Bel Canto - 2014

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A humid autumn, following a warm summer, produced a perfect amount of noble botrytis in this riesling. It was fermented at low temperatures. There is a tantalising array of aromas and flavours reminiscent of nectarine, peach, apricot, and citrus fruits, particularly mandarin, orange, and lime. A floral element, gives hints of honeysuckle and orange blossom. On the palate it is big boned, muscular and spicy with lingering impressions of mango and crushed ginger that draw out the aftertaste and complement its zingy minerality and crisp acidity.


 Wine in moderation is a natural health food. 

Gewürztraminer - 2013

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A warm summer was followed by a lingering dry autumn. . A portion of "hen and chicken" (a mixture of large and small berries on the same bunch) and a small amount of noble botrytis has added to the richness. The bright lemon colour of the youthful wine hints of its concentration and power. It is redolent with the scents of jasmine, mandevilla, and Turkish musk. These impressions are accentuated in the mouth where they expand to include guava, quince, pineapple and tropical spices. The wine is big boned, chunky and generous with lingering impressions of freshly cut root ginger that draw out the dry aftertaste.

Riesling - 2012

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A cool summer followed by a lingering dry autumn and modest crop levels produced vibrant ripe fruit flavours with beautiful natural acidity. Fermentation was at a low temperature to ensure zesty varietal purity and freshness.


There is a spectrum of lively aromas and flavours suggesting lime, lemon and mandarin, intertwined with nectarine, lychee and guava. It is rich and concentrated in the mouth but a spine of crisp acidity and minerality keep it elegant and tight knit, while its off dry finish provides excellent balance. Tangy hints of ginger and spice draw out its length and linger on the palate well after swallowing. Although ready to drink on release, careful cellaring for five – 10 years should add a range of other fascinating nuances.

Aria - 2013

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A warm summer, lingering autumn and humidity late in the season was perfect for this style of riesling, which was hand harvested by selecting only bunches with more than 30% noble botrytis.


On release it has a bright lemon hue shot with hints of gold. The abundant aromas and flavours suggest limes, mandarins, peaches, cantaloupe melons and comb honey, with a hint of root ginger. While mouth filling and concentrated, it has a lively core of crisp acidity and minerality that provides a perfect foil to its lusciousness and draws out the lingering aftertaste.

Chardonnay - 2012

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By picking late in the season, following a coolish summer, we were able to achieve splendid ripeness with good natural acidity. Traditional Burgundian winemaking methods were used, including primary and secondary (malo-lactic) fermentation by the grapes’ indigenous microorganisms and maturation for 18 months in a mixture of old and new French oak puncheons.


The wine exudes enticing aromas and flavours suggest of citrus fruits, nectarines, white fleshed peaches, and ripe figs. Underlying savoury nuances hint at toasted almonds, barbecued sweet corn and grilled mushrooms. It is rich and powerful in the mouth but retains a broad shouldered muscularity and austerity. There is a core of flinty minerality and grape fruity acidity that keep the wine tight knit, focused and help draw out its lingering aftertaste

Gewürztraminer - 2012

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By picking late in the season, following a coolish summer, we were able to achieve splendid flavour development with good natural acidity in this naturally early ripening variety. A proportion of the wine was matured in old barrels, giving extra mouth feel and complexity without adding oak flavour.


The striking aroma and flavour are reminiscent of Turkish musk, quince paste, candied pineapple, guava and tropical spices. The wine is big boned, mouth filling and unctuous. Its richness is balanced by crisp acidity and a lingering aftertaste of freshly crushed root ginger.

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