Manawa Ora – Breath of Life
One Day Yoga Retreat

Manawa Ora - Breath of Life

Fill your cup with a day of grounding and revitalisation.

Come back to earth and take a deep, centring breath of life in North Canterbury with yoga teacher Tristin Apse, host Belinda Donaldson and chef Kate McMillan. 

Tristin has a true passion for yoga. With over two decades committed to her yoga practice (in a variance of styles) and massage therapy, she has a deep understanding of the body. Her classes are accessible, knowledgeable and FUN. 

Belinda has run the restaurant at Pegasus Bay for the past 18 years and has now evolved her role to utilise the space for events. Yoga and well-being are key ingredients in her life and she is excited to be offering up the winery as a space to share this with others. 

Kate McMillan is a North Canterbury earth goddess who creates nourishing food made with a light touch, sourced from our region with a mix of wild and cultivated goodness. 

Sunday 28th February
10.00am — 5.00pm
$220 pp + booking fee

Hosted by
Yoga Guru - Tristin Apse
Belinda Donaldson - Pegasus Bay
Whole Food by - Kate McMillan


Pegasus Bay

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