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Settled weather over flowering provided a healthy fruit set, which was then thinned back to desired levels. The ensuing summer was dry with very little rain, resulting in perfectly ripened small berries full of intense flavour and concentration. Thankfully, our harvest was able to proceed during the C-19 lockdown, and an unbroken autumn full of warm days meant each plot was picked at its optimum maturity.


We use traditional Burgundian winemaking methods. The fruit was harvested during late March and early April and gently pressed. The non-clarified juice was then put into large French oak barriques, where it underwent primary fermentation by the grapes’ natural yeasts. The wine was then matured in these barriques on its own yeast lees (sur lie). In late spring after harvest, it started to go through spontaneous secondary (malolactic) fermentation. It was regularly tasted during this time and the fermentation was stopped when the ideal balance was obtained.


It is bright lemon in colour, with an unfolding bouquet full of grapefruit and citrus blossom, giving way to crushed almonds, flint and smoky suggestions. A hint of struck match adds to the allure. The wine is succulent and rounded on the palate, with refreshing acidity that adds vibrancy and balance, prolonging the finish.

Pegasus Bay

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Off Licence.
Licence Holder:Donaldson Family Limited T/A:Pegasus Bay Winery.
Licence no:57/OFF/458/2019 Exp:16/03/2022