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Settled weather over flowering provided a healthy fruit set, which was then thinned back to desired levels.  The ensuing summer was dry with very little rain, resulting in perfectly ripened small berries full of intense flavour and concentration.  Thankfully, our harvest was able to proceed during the C-19 lockdown, and an unbroken autumn full of warm days meant each variety was picked at its optimum maturity.


The grapes were picked in stages during late March and early April.  Some parcels were intentionally left to hang until later so they could be harvested with a portion of noble botrytis.  The free run juice was then slowly fermented at cool temperatures to help the wine retain its vibrant fruit characters and varietal purity.  During this time daily tasting was undertaken to assess levels of acidity, alcohol and residual sweetness, with the fermentation being stopped once the right balance was achieved.  Winemaking intervention was intentionally kept to a minimum to allow the vintage, variety, and vineyard to express itself harmoniously.  At all stages, from fermentation to bottling, the wine was handled very carefully to help it retain a little of its naturally dissolved carbon dioxide.  This may result in a small amount of spritzig when first poured, accentuating the freshness and liveliness of the wine.


Upon release it has a bright lemon hue.  A rousing fusion of citrus, floral and flinty aromas tantalise the nose.  Zesty notes of grapefruit, lime peel, and quince are melded with jasmine and orange blossom, underpinned with a steely mineral core.   The mouthfeel is vibrant and energised, showcasing both richness and an elegant structure.  Subtle sweetness is contrasted with zippy acidity that creates a pleasing tension, paving the way for a prolonged and tangy finish.
Pegasus Bay

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