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The grapes for our Vergence label may not always come from our home vineyards, and here we sourced some premium fruit from Central Otago that we felt would be perfect for the style of wine we wanted to make.   Vergence is all about looking beyond tradition, so for our 2018 Mark 1 we’ve opted for a 100% whole bunch, carbonic and naturally fermented Pinot Noir.  The whole bunches were loaded into a tank containing a small amount of fermenting juice at the bottom, and then sealed to create an oxygen free environment.   The juice released CO2, causing carbonic fermentation within the intact berries above.  After approximately a week, the lid was removed and the bunches softly trodden under foot, releasing their juices so that the alcoholic fermentation could take place.  The wine was then aged in French oak for one year.

On the nose there is an enticing mix of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and tamarillo, along with a whiff of pine smoke. The carbonic maceration has resulted in a wine with low acidity that is soft, succulent and seductive. The tannins are plush and velvety, with the bunch stems adding a peppery character, and hints of lavender and cinnamon.

Pegasus Bay

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