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Pegasus Bay, the family, vineyard, and wine has always held a special place in my heart and memories. One day shortly after releasing my latest Pacific Heights album titled 'A Lost Light', a few cases of wine and a card show up at my doorstep in Wellington. The card from Edward Donaldson congratulated me on my latest creation. This is the kind of act and support that Ed and the entire Pegasus Bay family have given me as an artist dating right back to the first ever shows I performed as Pacific Heights.

A few weeks after this delivery of wine (a moment that typifies their generosity) I decided one evening while in the studio to open a bottle of one of the Pinot Noirs - my personal favourite of this wonderful winemaker. Something clicked between the wine, the feeling of love that the glass of wine represented and the creative juices that begun to flow.

The outcome was the finished track that you are reading about. A piece of music to me that represents the beauty of the land in which the grapes that create this wine are from, the family that harvests them, and the love they pass on after this process.

Appropriately I have named this song 'Aria', and it is a gift from me back to this wonderfully supportive family.

Devin Abrams, Pacific Heights.

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