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Spring 2017

– Jul 24, 2017 –

Vintage 2017 Ask any wine merchant what is the best vintage of a wine and you can predict the response; it is the vintage they are currently selling. If you don’t believe the wine merchant then why should you trust the winemaker? The answer, of course, is that you shouldn’t. Having said that, if we say anything positive about the 2017 grape harvest then we open ourselves to the criticism that we are talking up the vintage when many, if not most grape growing regions of New Zealand found it difficult. What was the problem? Quite simply, rain, and too...

Autumn 2017

– Mar 20, 2017 –

It’s a Pressing Matter Next time you pop a grape in your mouth, spare a thought for what it is. You’ll be excused if “delicious” comes to mind but we’re not discussing taste, flavour or even variety here, we’re talking about structure. You see, a grape berry is just juice protected by a layer of skin and it is in the centre of this little ball that you find the reason for its existence, namely the seeds. If it wasn’t for them the vine wouldn’t be bothered wasting its time and energy making berries. It only makes them to entice...

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Summer 2016/2017

– Nov 14, 2016 –

Pinot Noir – It Stems from the Grappe Life is full of little quirks and things that seem irrelevant often turn out to be vital. Take the discovery of the cause of the rare Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The sub viral-sized infectious particles were discovered by investigating a similar weird neurological disorder in central highland cannibals in New Guinea so that when there was an epidemic of Creutzfeldt-Jakob in Britain in 1980’s the source was rapidly determined. It was due to humans eating beef from involuntary cannibal cows that were being fed infected meat meal made from other cows. Overnight, Mad Cow...

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Spring 2016

– Jul 12, 2016 –

Reaching maturity in style As your years tick by you will come to realise that there’s only one thing worse than reaching maturity-that’s not making it!-and if you can do it in style then so much the better. In the vinous world most bottles never get there as about 98% are consumed within a week of crossing the counter. There are good reasons for this as many wine lovers do not have the place, purse or patience for cellaring their favourite drops. For most of those wines that are sculled back prematurely, it’s not a tragedy because they are made...

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Autumn 2016

– Mar 22, 2016 –

Pegasus – You’re a Legend! We have a flighty old nag shut away in a stable out the back and it could tell you a tale or two if it had a mind to do it. For reasons that we don’t know, it’s rather shy, so gather round close or it will overhear us and have a tantrum. Perhaps part of its problem is due to confusion over gender orientation or, to be more precise, sexual identity. That’s right, some have said that it’s a man and others have assured us that it’s a lady. We think it’s pretty easy to sex a horse but clearly some have difficulty....

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Summer 2015 / 2016

– Nov 16, 2015 –

Bee Good “Where the bee sucks there suck I,” sings Ariel in praise of nature in the Immortal Bard’s Tempest. One of the things that we love at Pegasus Bay is working amongst nature in full flight. You see the seasons of the year roll by and their magical effect on all of the plants and animals that we have in our little patch. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of the tiny; the world of insects. It is filled with fascinating encounters and one such is shown on the cover. One of our large resident population...

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Spring 2015

– Aug 03, 2015 –

Spring Sex in the Vineyard Spring has almost sprung and is on our doorstep. Mother Nature is once again intent on renewing herself. In the vineyard it is an exciting but nervous time. The dormant buds swell and then slowly burst open, revealing their brilliantly green but tender little leaves and shoots. Should a spring frost occur, this growth may be destroyed with a loss of fruit the following autumn. But even if Jack Frost is thwarted and the vineyard is unscathed a miserably small crop may disappoint the vigneron when it comes to harvest time. Why is that?It is...

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Autumn 2015

– Apr 22, 2015 –

Roll Out the Barrel Wine lovers; spare a thought for the humble barrel. It has been around for a very long time, at least since the days of Imperial Rome, and it has been used in winemaking from the middle ages or earlier. In those times it was nothing more than a storage vessel. About the only alternatives to hold big quantities of fluid were pottery or animal hides, with their obvious limitations. We are now spoilt for choice. Nonetheless, the wooden barrel remains important, as any winery visit will show you. Why should this be? Barrels are difficult to...

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Summer 2014 / 2015

– Dec 01, 2014 –

Marching through the Dangerous Ides The soothsayer said to Caesar, “Beware the Ides of March”, to which the great man blithely answered, “The Ides of March are come.” The reply was prophetic, “Aye, Caesar, but not gone.” This was according to the imagination of Shakespeare but what followed is a matter of historical truth. Before the Ides had passed Caesar was a bloodied corpse. What are the Ides and when are they important? The Ides are particular days in the Roman calendar and there is one near the middle of every month. That in March falls on the 15th. If...

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Spring 2014

– Sep 01, 2014 –

Frost – Foe or Friend Those who grow grapes in a cool climate fear frost and at Pegasus Bay we certainly toss and turn in our cots at night during late spring and early autumn. A spring frost can kill the tender new shoots, leaves and inflorescences (flower buds). The vine recovers but generally speaking that season’s crop is lost and the fruitless plant requires a lot of extra work in order to get it into production the following year. Should Jack do his frosty work before the grapes are ready to harvest in the autumn the sugar content protects...

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Autumn 2014

– Apr 01, 2014 –

Authentic Roots Knowing about your roots is something of a hot topic these days. The young are generally disinterested but as people age they often to want to know about their origins. This is curious, as it seems the converse of what you would expect. No doubt youth envisage life stretching onwards into eternity, while the mature see eternity hurtling towards them and realise that all too soon they could become somebody else’s roots. If they are unconnected to their true roots then all memory of their existence will probably disappear. Being part of a well-defined structure gives a sense...

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