It’s that time of the year again folks! 2020 has certainly been a topsy turvy one and we think an invitation to attend our annual mail order tasting is just the tonic to help you decompress. Here are the details and as usual feel free to invite any friends who may be interested. We’d love to see you there.

Thursday 3 December
5pm - 7pm
The George Hotel
Parkview Room
50 Park Terrace
ph (03) 379 4560

Tuesday 8 December
5pm - 7pm
Sofitel Auckland
21 Viaduct Harbour Avenue
ph (09) 909 9000

Wednesday 9 December
5pm - 7pm
QT Wellington
Tamburini Room
90 Cable Street
ph (04) 802 8900

All orders placed on the night will go into 2 draws for a chance to WIN!
1st draw - Magnum of Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir
2nd draw - Magnum of Pegasus Aria

Friends or relatives in the UK?

What better way to wish people in the UK a happy festive season by arranging for them to be delivered a gift of Pegasus Bay wine.  The service is also available throughout the year; so simple but yet so classy.  Just email:

Vine Run 2021

After a year where so many plans have been scuppered, we’re super excited to be able to bring you Vine Run 2021. Over the last 3 years we’ve raised over $70k for NZ Brain Research through our entry fees and with your help we’re aiming to smash through the $100k mark this time. There are 3 distances to choose from (6, 10 & 18km) so no excuses! The 6 & 10km options are also available to walkers.

Entries are still open for the event, taking place on Sunday 31st January. Get a team together, invite your friends, family or colleagues and join us for a day of fun, fitness, and frivolity. All for a good cause. Included in every adult entry is also a bottle of trophy wine to take away on the day … what are you waiting for?!

VIne Run 2021

Art in a Garden

On Friday 16th October we were proud to host the opening of the third Sculpture North Canterbury at Pegasus Bay. It was a fantastic show of appreciation for a hugely talented line-up of over 20 local artists. This outdoor exhibition runs for 6 weeks until 27th November and the grounds are accessible 7 days a week, although please note the cellar door is only open weekends during this time.

If the cellar door is closed, maps showing the location of the exhibits will be available under the veranda in front of the restaurant. Spring is a beautiful time to meander through the gardens with many plants in bloom, so why not combine this with a chance to see some unique and engaging pieces of local sculpture.

Sculpture North Canterbury Exhibition

Cellar Door

With a busy summer of kiwi staycations ahead, we’re pleased to announce that from 30th November to 28th February our cellar door will re-open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. If you’re travelling through North Canterbury, why not take a breather. Tantalise your tastebuds with our latest releases and then take a stroll through the stunning Pegasus Bay gardens.

Museum Packs

The last 6 months has involved unprecedented disruption to our daily lives (as well as a lot of patience and deep breaths!) and to help ease the burden we’ve been digging deep into our cellars to offer you a selection of some of our oldest back vintages that are still in excellent condition. In fact, these museum packs have proved so popular that each time they’re released they sell out in a matter of hours.

As a valued member of our mailing list, you will always receive any offers like this first before they go out to the public. If you’re email address is not included on our database and you would like it to be added, please contact

Come Join the Revolution

Earlier in the year NZ artist Heather Straka collaborated with Pegasus Bay and held an exhibition of contemporary photographic art. Her pieces each explore ideas of anarchy and rebellion where she uses Peg Bay wine bottles as props.

Here is the latest in the series, which will be on display in the cellar door soon. Pegasus Bay wines are always made in an expressive and avant-garde style, so we’re delighted to be associated with Heather’s engaging and provocative art. This is however one vintage not recommended for consumption!

Heather Straka, dissected parlour 6

Sunday Session anyone?

As most of you will know, we decided earlier this year to close our restaurant and embark on an exciting new journey using it as an events space instead. Our collab lunch series has proved extremely popular and it seems there is rather a penchant for a Sunday afternoon of gastronomic delights and fine wine shared amongst friends.

Our second sold out event of the series took place on Sunday 13th September and involved renowned chef Craig Martin. Those lucky enough to get hold of a ticket were treated to a spectacular mix of fresh, seasonal, and earthy flavours, paired perfectly with aged wines from the Donaldson Family library. One of the favourite recipes from the day is here.

Craig Martin

Our third collab and last for this year is taking place on Sunday 22nd November with the hugely accomplished kiwi duo of Ryan Henley and Cory Campbell. Tickets for this were also snapped up quickly but look out for further Sunday lunches happening in the new year.

Ryan Henley and Cory Campbell

 If you’re part of our mailing list, you will always receive notification of these and other updates first.

Your Perfect Venue Awaits

Since our decision to offer the restaurant and beautiful gardens for private events, we have been inundated with requests.

Our former restaurant manager Belinda Donaldson (now events manager!) may have been hoping for a breather after 19 years of service, but she now has a busy summer ahead helping people celebrate their milestones, Christmas parties, corporate functions, and other special occasions. For event enquires please contact Belinda on

Events Manager, Belinda Donaldson

Checkmate for Cheques

The powers that be at Westpac have finally decided to kick chequebooks to touch, so any payments for wine orders from 2021 onwards will need to be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

We may however still accept a gold bar if you have one lurking under the mattress!

From the Prescription Pad

The festive season is upon us so make sure you get a few decent wines, even if you don’t “roll out the barrel”. Remember, when it comes to celebrating, drink quality rather than quantity. But, to some extent barrels and quality go hand-in-hand in certain wine varieties. There is a Roman relief dating from the second century A.D. in the Calvert Museum in Avignon, France, that shows wine being shipped in barrels (casks) and it is thought to be the earliest evidence of this happy symbiosis. Before that time, wine was stored in fragile ceramic amphora that needed to be stored upright. A wooden bung could be hammered into a cask to make an airtight fit and prevent the wine from oxidising. Serving wine directly from barrel was inconvenient because as soon as a full cask was broached air entered and deterioration of the wine started. A solution to that problem awaited the first use of cork stoppers in glass bottles about 1600 A.D.

But barrels have many other headaches associated with their use. Even if a wooden barrel remains tightly sealed, the amount of wine inside gradually decreases and an airspace, “ullage”, develops. This amount of loss, the so-called “angels share”, is caused by evaporation through the wood. It is the reason wineries smell so delicious but requires barrels to be regularly topped up to prevent oxidation. Casks are also prone to leaks, difficult to clean out, may develop microbial spoilage and can be hard to store, access and move. And then there is the question of cost. A reasonable barrique holding 225L could set you back about NZ$1400 to $1700 and give your accountant indigestion.

So, given the multitude of problems, why do winemakers persist in using technology that is about 2 millennia old? If barrels were no more than storage space, they would have been tossed on the scrapheap well before now. What exactly do they do?

Most barrels are used for élévage, which is “wine speak” for the process of shaping recently fermented rough young wines into a fit state for bottling. Barrels allow the very slow penetration of air that softens, mellows and rounds out young wines, especially reds. Young reds usually have abundant colour, but this tends to diminish quite soon unless stabilised by such early contact with tiny amounts of oxygen. Technocrats have come up with a way to mimic this process in a stainless-steel tank, so-called micro oxidation or “micro-ox”. But, although this works, barrels are still used. Why?

Barrels stamp their own special mark on the wine, in addition to the slow ingress of oxygen. Most barrels are made from oak because the natural flavours and tannins of the wood enhance certain wine varieties. Generally speaking, so-called aromatic varieties, which have distinctive aromas and flavours, such as riesling, gewürtztraminer, muscat, sauvignon blanc and the like, are not put into wood, thus preserving their varietal excitement and purity. Those with less individuality, such as chardonnay, semillon and many reds are commonly put into oak.

Perversely, although increasing the total tannin content, oak tannins may actually round out and soften wine, and, as natural antioxidants, may help longevity in bottle. The aromas and flavours that barrels add to wine are very dependent on the type of oak and the cooper. While over 600 types of oak trees have been identified, wine barrel making has largely concentrated on three, Quercus sessilis and Quercus robur in Europe and Quercus alba in North America.

These European oaks have higher concentrations of soluble tannins and lower levels of aromatic substances, particularly creamy oak lactones, than Quercus alba. Thus, American oak barrels tend to impart more vanilla and coconut characters and less tannin than European barrels, which provide more backbone and structure. The exact proportion of oak types and growing conditions in different forests may also have an influence.

The cooper’s input during manufacture, particularly the amount of heat or “toasting” given to the interior of the barrel, is also of vital importance to its flavour profile. The heat comes from a brazier of burning oak offcuts in the barrel’s centre. Low temperatures encourage vanilla, medium bring out roasted coffee and caramel, while high temperatures emphasise clove and smoky elements. The natural chemical substances that produce such individual aromas and flavours have been identified.

Naturally, there is a limited amount of flavour in any barrel and after 3-4 years of use, most of it has gone. If you have got a friendly cooper, it’s possible to have the inside of barrels reamed out and re-toasted but this can only be done 3-4 times. You can obtain the flavours from shavings, chips or pieces of oak and combined with micro-ox in a sealed tank you can do your élévage on the cheap, but somehow the result is not the same. Such industrial processes are usually restricted to large commercial companies for their cheaper wines.

At Pegasus Bay, we prefer tried and true traditional élévage in barrel.

Q: So what do we do with our old ones?
A: We still use them to élévage our wine.

By using the appropriate mixture of old and new barrels we aim to give our wines the best aromas, flavours and structures we can, while avoiding “over oaking” them. But, whatever you do, remember to drink up this festive season; up in quality and not quantity! Remember, moderation in all things (including moderation!) and have a great festive season.


The Seasons

The summer of 2010 was cool, but a long unbroken autumn allowed us to hang the fruit out late until it reached optimal ripeness. A spring frost reduced our 2015 crop, but the rest of the growing season was excellent, and the resulting wines are well balanced and have good concentration.

A perfect summer and a warm dry autumn in 2016 enabled us to pick each variety at the optimum time and it has been an exceptional vintage for both reds and whites. Autumn rain in 2017 caused us to pick a little earlier than usual but the naturally small berries and good physiological ripeness has given these wines extra vibrancy and poise. 2018 was one of the hottest summer’s on record, and although there was some late season rain, the ensuing dry autumn has delivered red’s that are fruity, supple and smooth.

Current Vintages / Releases

All bottles 750ml unless otherwise stated


750 ml and Magnum 1.5 lt
Like classic wine producing regions, such as Germany and Alsace, we take our rieslings seriously.  Pegasus Bay Riesling has been awarded super classic status by Michael Cooper in his book Classic Wines of New Zealand and this 2016 shows why.  It is made in the off-dry style. Please note due to our philosophy of minimal handling, this vintage has resulted in a natural deposit of tartrates, or ‘wine diamonds’ in the bottle.

18/20 A true NZ classic, ravishingly complex … Intense perfume and delectable juiciness … delightfully sinful.
Stephen Wong MW, NZ

5 stars Concentrated with gentle sweetness … lush stone-fruit flavours, a hint of honey and good acid spine.
Michael Cooper, NZ

94/100 Attractive complexity … very supple and succulent palate … superb texture.
Nick Stock, USA

PEGASUS BAY RIESLING 2010 - Special Aged Release

We specially put this wine away to show you how carefully aged riesling can develop.  We think it has matured perfectly and this is what the experts say:

18.5/20  ... Exotic tangerine and jasmine characters ... Restrained decadence and quite delicious in a fulsome manner.
Raymond Chan, NZ

5 stars   Top wine of tasting ... The Valerie Adams of riesling!
WineNZ Magazine NZ

5 stars  ... Last wine we tried and the best! Flavours just go on and on. NZ


Left on the vine until llater in the season, the grapes developed some noble botrytis, resulting in a wine that is rich and unctous, with intense varietal character. 

5 Stars Powerful, weighty and rich … complex perfumed bouquet … full of personality.
Michael Cooper, NZ

94/100 Such intensity and ripeness … lychee and sweet rose perfume.
Nick Stock, www. USA


Made in the traditional style of a white Bordeaux, approx. 70% sauvignon blanc and 30% semillon. The semillon is fermented separately in seasoned barriques and helps fill out the palate, adding mouthfeel, richness and body, while also softening the exuberance of the sauvignon blanc. This blend takes longer to integrate and express itself than simple sauvignon blanc so we purposely delay its release. We are particularly pleased with this wine as we feel we have achieved that balance while still clearly retaining the sauvignon varietal character.  

5 Stars 95/100 Gorgeously complex and engaging, kaffir lime, flint, toasted almond and lemon peel aromas leading to a concentrated palate … opulent and powerful.
Sam Kim, www.wineorbit. NZ

5 Stars DistinctiveLoads of personality … Fragrant and full-bodied with tropical- fruit flavours. Tightly structured, lasting finish.
Michael Cooper, New Zealand Listener Magazine. NZ

Excellent to Outstanding Powerfully expressive nose of tropical fruit, bonfire smoke, citrus, honey and pea pod. Delightful creaminessfascinatingly complex.
Mark Henderson, Otago Daily Times, NZ


Pegasus Bay Chardonnays come from old low yielding vines that tend to produce a very concentrated wine. In the tradition of great white Burgundy, the juice is fermented in French puncheons and aged on lees for 12 months. This had produced a flinty, gun-smoke complexity which adds a savoury element. We have used only a minority of new barrels to minimize any oak character and emphasize the power of the fruit. 

19/20 Creamy, dry, full bodied and savoury with an incredibly refreshing taste of ripe, citrusy grapefruit and a lingering finish.
Joelle Thomson, Drinksbiz Magazine. NZ

5 Stars 95/100 Stunning and immensely complex … wonderfully weighted palate …outstanding depth and richness.
Sam Kim, NZ

4 ½ Stars 94/100 Intense, richly textured with struck flint, vanilla and brioche ... generously proportioned and complex.
Bob Campbell MW, NZ  


Magnum 1.5 lt
This was made in the same way as the 2018 Pegasus Bay Chardonnay mentioned above.  It has been rated 95/100 or greater or 5 stars by at least 8 wine writers or publications, including Wine State Magazine AU, Gourmet Traveller Magazine AU, The Listener Magazine NZ, USA, NZ, NZ, NZ and NZ

PEGASUS BAY MUSCAT 2017 - New Release

We have a tiny plot of muscat à petits grains, a variety that is used in Alsace and the Rhône Valley.  It is used to make Muscat Beaumes de Venise wine in the latter region.  This 2017 muscat has the intensity of Muscat Beaumes de Venise but is made in a drier style.  This is one of our personal favourites.  As this wine has just been released, we have only one review so far.

92/100 Highly perfumed, weighty and fleshy … Concentrated with peach and spicy flavours … Complex with a smooth, slightly sweet finish. Already delicious. 
Michael Cooper, NZ


750 ml and Magnum 1.5 lt
We use traditional Burgundian techniques to make our pinot noirs, including natural primary and secondary fermentations by indigenous micro-organisms. Primary fermentation is carried out in small vats that are gently plunged to avoid excessive extraction. This wine was then matured for 18 months in oak barriques from artisan Burgundian coopers. 

5 stars 95/100  Wonderfully fruited and gorgeously styled ... black doris plum, vanilla and almond ... excellent weight and power ... mouth-filling and delectable with seductive complexity.
Sam Kim, NZ

5 stars   Mouthfilling sweet-fruited, savoury and supple ... Concentrated ripe cherry, plum abnd spice.
Michael Cooper, NZ

19/20 Full bodied, fleshy and succulentconcentrated, complex flavours of dark cherries, strawberries and smooth spicy notes. It’s a keeper.
Joelle Thomson, Drinksbiz Magazine. NZ

PEGASUS BAY PINOT NOIR 2015 -  New Release

Jeroboam 3 lt
This wine was made in the same way as the 2017 Pinot Noir mentioned above.  It has been held back as large bottles take longer to mature.  Being from the 2015 vintage, crop levels were lower (see ‘ The Seasons’ page 7) which has given the wine extra concentration and depth.

19+/20 Dark red berry fruit with herbs and fragrant florals supported by fine grained tannins … A beautifully elegant and harmonious, vibrant, and bright fruited Pinot Noir.
Raymond Chan, NZ

96/100 Super vibrant with earthy forest floor aromas … beautifully judged ripe tannins and effortless depth that singles this out as a consistently great NZ Pinot Noir.
Nick Stock, USA

95/100 Intense with floral, cherry, spice and anise … dense yet elegant with power and a lingering finish.
Bob Campbell, MW, NZ


We make this blend of traditional Bordeaux claret grapes in the Bordelaise manner with pump-over and aeration of juice during fermentation, followed by maturation in French oak barriques for 24 months. It was clarified by racking it off its natural yeast deposit on several occasions prior to bottling.  

94/100  Remarlable red ... rich ripe flavours ... luscious plum, cassis and leather ... spicy oak flavours with a smattering of dried herbs.
Bob Campbell MW, NZ

5 stars 93/100  Delightfully fruited and fragrant ... dark plum, olive, hazelnut with dried herb complexity.  Succulent and smooth, beautifully rounded mouthfeel backed by polished tannins.
Sam Kim, NZ

93/100  Inviting bouquet of dark plums, black cherry and dark spice ... Juicy with a plush vibrant texture and mineral layers.  A lovely example ready to enjoy.
Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier, NZ


Magnum 1.5 lt
This wine was made in the same way as the 2018 Merlot Cabernet mentioned above.

5 stars 18.5+/20  Concentrated ... Blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants,... spice Refined ...vibrant
Raymond Chan, NZ

5 stars  Dark, weighty ... Complexity ... Concentrated ... Depth and harmony.
Michael Cooper, New Zealand Listener Magazine NZ

Outstanding.  Dark fruits dance on the palate, filling every corner of the mouth.  Sumptuous ... Amazingly long and delicious finish.  You just don't want to put the glass down.
Mark Henderson, Otago Daily Times NZ


We only have a small patch of malbec and it normally is blended with our Merlot Cabernet but sometimes it deserves to be its own wine and this one shows why.  We think it is the best we have made and you can be the judge. 

18.5/20 Rich and welcoming … black plums, blackberries, melded with violet florals and savoury notes … A soothing wintery wine with vibrance and structure. 
Candice Chow, NZ

17/20 Sleek and powerful … dense purple fruit/floral notes with ripe chocolatey tannins.  Intense yet elegant.
Stephen Wong, MW, NZ


At Pegasus Bay, we are always exploring new wine styles and our "Vergence" series gives you the opportunity to see what we are up to behind-the-scenes.  They show the potential of variety and winemaking techniques when you think outside the square.  This Vergence white is a blended wine based on semillon that has been fermented and aged for two years in previously seasoned barrels.  Don't think Australian semillon here, this wine is its own beast.

19/20 Chamomile, orange blossom and gunflint melded with zesty citrus, honey and a dusting of spices … lovely intensity and concentrationunctuous and textural.
Candice Chow, NZ

5 stars 94/100  Impressively complex and fragrant ... Grapefruit, baked apple, golden peach and toasted nut characters with a hint of gun smoke ... Wonderfully weighted delivering rich texture ... Finishing long and attractively savoury.
Sam Kim, NZ

4 stars 91/100  Flavoursome richly textured and quite complex.  More savoury than fruity.  I like it.
Bob Campbell MW,  NZ


Vergence is all about looking beyond tradition.  The composition of these wines may well change from vintage to vintage and we may also decide to create different batches or "marks" within the same season.

Our 2018 Mark 1 was made in the same way as the 2017 Vergence Red, with 100% whole bunch fermentation of pinot noir, meaning that all bunch stems were retained during fermentation.  This gives the wine more vibrant fruit character and adds a different structure and range of tannins.

5 star A distinctive, generous red ... concentrated plum and spice, impressive complexity, firmly structured with a long spicy finish.
Winestate Magazine, AU

5 stars  Generous, supple, plummy, spicy ... Deep and complex with refined tannins and long finish.
Michael Cooper, NZ

18.5+/20  Black cherries, cranberries and tamarillo interweave with herbal notes, deep florals and a smoky underlay … fine textured tannins and a silky mouthfeel … elegant and harmonious.
Candice Chow, NZ

Reserve Wines

All bottles 750ml unless otherwise stated


750 ml and Magnum 1.5 lt
Seven Masters of Wine and a Master Sommelier have named Bel Canto as one of five rieslings that are New Zealand's finest. Bel Canto is possible to make only in certain years. The grapes have almost the same ripeness as those used for Aria, but their juice is fermented to dryness. Because of the low crop and some noble botrytis, this has extra concentration. It is drinking beautifully now but will cellar well. 

5 Stars 96/100 Honey and stone fruit aromas with preserved lemon and smoky botrytis overtones. Very complex, rich and full flavoured … powerful, concentrated and rewarding. 
Huon Hooke, www. AU

5 stars 95/100  Gorgeous ... Richly fruited and fragrant, concentrated and generously flavoured ... Opulent and delectable.
Sam Kim, NZ

5 stars  Powerful, weighty ... Concentrated peachy with hints of oranges and honey ...Lasting finish.  Should be long-lived.
Winestate Magazine, AU


750 ml and Magnum 1.5 lt
Over the years, this late harvest riesling has been one of our most popular wines but is made only in special vintages and 2016 was definitely one of such (see under 'The Seasons').  In making this wine we hand-selected only bunches that had 30% or more of noble botrytis.

19/20  Seductlively succulent ... Ripe peach, mandarin and lemon ...  Full-bodied with powerful lingering finish.
Joelle Thomson, Drinksbiz Magazine NZ

19/20 Lime and tropical fruit, with a harmonious layer of musky botrytis, honey, marmalade and exotic florals … harmoniously interwoven with a luscious rounded mouthfeel and vibrant acidity. 
Raymond Chan, NZ

95/100  Alluring bouguet ... mandarin, lime flower and apple blossom ... Intense ripe citrus and apple tart tartin.  Long and delicious.
Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier, The Shout Magazine NZ


375 ml
The seven MW's and one MS, mentioned above under Bel Canto 2017, include Encore as one of the five best NZ sweet wines.   This riesling is in the style of an Alsatian Selection des Grains Nobles or German Trockenbeerenauslese.  We can make it only in very special years and this is only the second vintage that we have produced since 2011. Late in the season we carefully hand selected only the most perfectly shrivelled botrytic fruit and the small amount of juice that we obtained was left to slowly ferment at a low temperature over the winter and spring. 

5 stars 19+/20  Concentrated core of ripe exotic tropical fruits... deliciously rich, nearly unctuous... lingering finish.
Raymond Chan, NZ

5 stars 96/100  Concentrated, luscious ... Bush honey, pineapple, ginger and ripe peach ... Very lengthy finish.
Bob Campbell MW, NZ

96/100  Rich with pristine apricots and marmalade notes balanced by bright acid ... Balance is superb and the finish lasts into next week.  Wow!
Joe Czerwinski, USA


375 ml
Finale is a barrel fermented wine in the style of Sauternes and is only made in special years and this is the first we have produced since 2014.  We selected only the most beautifully noble botrytic sauvignon blanc and semillon berries to make this wine.  The small amount of juice obtained was fermented by the grapes' natural yeasts in artisan French oak barriques and matured in these. 

Gold Medal – 2019 Six Nations Wine Challenge

96/100  Stunning ... Intense apricots, dried mango and peach.  Lusciously flavoured, super rich ... A great sweet wine.  World-class!
Nick Stock, USA

5 Stars 96/100 Very complex bouquet with smoked tea leaves and burnt tobacco, as well as honey and dried flowers … deep and concentrated … powerful and exotic. 
Huon Hooke, AU


375 ml
This wine is made in the style of Muscat Beaumes de Venise (see Pegasus Bay Muscat) and is what the French call a Vin Doux Naturel or wine natural sweetness. A small amount of neutral spirit is added to stop the fermentation and retain some of the grape’s natural sugars. This release is a non-vintage wine, however as with our previous 2016, we have made only a tiny amount and as it is solely available through our cellar door and this mailing list we do not have any reviews, but here are some cellar notes.

A tantalising array of aromas and flavours … lychee and quince as well as spice, floral notes and citrus zest. The very ripe late harvest fruit gives the wine an opulent and rich feeling in the mouth, while the added spirit ensures the sweetness remains well balanced.”


750 ml and Magnum 1.5 lt
We only produce Prima Donna Pinot Noir in exceptional years.  It was made in the same way as Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir 2017 mentioned above and Prima Donna 2015 below.  Prima Donna is a blend of the barrels that we feel best reflect the vintage and our unique terroir.  It mainly comes from our oldest, lowest cropping vines that are non-grafted. 

19.5/20   Full of energy … plums and cherries, herbs, mushroom, and liquorice … gamey and savoury with warming oak spices … powerful yet elegantworthy of your attention.
Candice Chow, NZ

96/100  Very impressive ... Complexity and richness ... Earthy, savoury elements intertwined rich dark red cherries ... Intense and plush.
Nick Stock, USA

5 Stars 95/100 Dense, silken-textured wine, with a mellow savouriness … ripe plum, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, spice and anise … compelling and appealing. 
Bob Campbell, MW, NZ


Jeroboam 3 lt
97/100  Stunningly beautiful ... Complex with dark plum, vanilla, hazelnut and smoked game characters, sumptous, rich texture and awesome power as well as elegance.
Sam Kim, NZ

96/100 Rich, concentrated, quite savoury ... Plum, dark berry, violets and spice ... Very complex ... Worth cellaring.
Bob Campbell MW, NZ

96/100  Grand, majestic and complex ... Expansive, entrancing style.  Black and red cherries, plums, earthy notes, woody spices, with a wealth of pot-pourri and forest floor complexity ... Long succulent tannins.  Superb!  Good ageing potential.
Nick Stock, USA

19/20  Super concentrated flavours ... Delicious intensity and power.  Great Piont Noir.
Joelle Thomson, Drinksbiz Magazine NZ

PEGASUS BAY PRIMA DONNA 2010 - Special Aged Release

5 stars  Powerful and finely fragrant, with dense cherry, plum and slight liquorice flavours, deliciously rich and well rounded.
Michael Cooper, Buyers' Guide to New Zealand Wines NZ

5 stars  Very rich and supple ... A real sense of poise and power.
Winestate Magazine AU

5 stars  Waves of svaoury dark berry and cherry ... Full, rich and layered.
Raymond Chan, NZ

PEGASUS BAY MAESTRO 2016 - New Release

Like Prima Donna, Maestro is produced only in exceptional years and as mentioned in (‘The Seasons’), 2016 was one of these. It is a blend of the barrels of merlot, cabernet and malbec that we feel best reflect the vintage and our terroir.  

5 Stars 19.5/20 Plush with richness and concentration … subtle flavours of dark floral, cassis, aged soy, earth, cedar and oak spices … a brilliant NZ South Island Bordeaux blend.
Candice Chow, NZ

5 Stars Powerful and dense … harmonious plum, blackcurrant, herb and spice … one of the South Islands greatest Bordeaux style reds, should flourish for a decade. 
Michael Cooper, NZ

95/100 Powerful bouquet, smoky with a core of dark fruit, cloves, earth and a touch of soy … A delicious meaty wine with muscle, power, flavour and finish. Love it! 
Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier, NZ

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