Deli products and pricing

We are delighted to offer you a thoughtfully curated selection of the finest locally produced artisan products to either enjoy in our magnificent gardens and deli space, or to take away.

We have endeavoured to work with suppliers that have a deep and genuine love and respect for the entire process, as well as packaging that is environmentally sustainable.

Canterbury has become a mecca for quality produce and we have taken full advantage of this in our offerings.

Produce and pricing on any given day is subject to availability and seasonal changes.

Kings Truffles

Waipara Valley, North Canterbury


Truffle Butter (80g) - $45
Truffled Salt (50g) - $20.50

Truffle Butter (10g) - $7.50
Served at the bar, perfect with warm ciabatta, sourdough or gluten free bread

Hope River Pies

Lyttleton, Canterbury

Hope River gourmet pies are hand-made and baked daily by Craig Minehan and a small team in his Lyttelton bakery using the finest free range ingredients. As well as a selection of meat pies Craig is known for producing one of the finest Vegan pies around which changes weekly.

Steak & Red Wine - $15
Chicken, Leek & Bacon - $15
Lamb, Rosemary & Kumara - $15
Warehou Fish with potato top - $15

Pioneer Pies

North Shore, Auckland

Gluten free pies.

'Bostock' Organic Chicken, Mushroom & Tarragon (GF) - $15
'Angus' Beef & Tasty Cheese (GF) - $15
Mince (GF)(DF) - $15
Thai Karma Korma & Tumeric (Vegan)(GF)(DF) - $15


Aylesbury, North Canterbury

A cured meat company that has quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the finest cured, fermented and dry aged free range pork products in NZ. The use of heritage pork breeds, finished on chestnuts and acorns as well as a genuine respect for the animals welfare are key to their success.

Dry Cured
Coppa (60g) - $16
Culatello (60g) - $16

Finocchiona (80g) - $16
Chorizo (80g) - $16
Genoa (80g) - $16

Black Origin Wagyu


Wagyu Bresaola (80g) - $18.50
Wagyu Fina Seca (80g) - $18.50
Wagyu Pastrami (150g) - $18
Wagyu Salami (100g) - $18.50
Wagyu Biersticks Garlic (4-pack) - $18.50
Wagyu Biersticks Plain (4-pack) - $18.50

The Wee Smokehouse

Ashburton, Canterbury

Smoke Roasted Duck (150g) - $24

Maison Aotearoa

Omata, Taranaki

Pâté de Campagne aux Champignons Sauvages (180g) - $29
Pâté Basque (180g) - $29
Pâté de Campagne (180g) - $29
Rillettes de Canard (180g) - $43
Rillettes de Poulet (180g) - $43

The Kiwi Artisan

Mt Maunganui

Spicy Sichuan Chilli Olives (150g) - $11
Truffle Infused Olives (150g) - $11
Manuka Smoked Olives (150g) - $11


Gathered Game Salami
Dry aged Spicy Italian Venison salami sliced (100g) - $19.50
Dry aged Truffle Olive Italian Venison salami sliced (100g) - $22


Loburn, North Canterbury

Established by a Dutch family several decades ago Karikaas is known for producing some of the best traditional hard Dutch style cheeses in the land, made from all New Zealand ingredients.

Hard Cheeses
Vintage Maasdam (125g) - $12
Vintage Gouda (125g) - $12
Pumahana (125g) - $12
Herb Gouda (125g) - $11
Garlic Gouda (125g) - $11

Over the Moon Cheese

Putaruru, Waikato

New Zealand’s widest range of specialty cheeses from New Zealand's finest ingredients – locally sourced goat, cow, sheep and buffalo milk.
Their boutique factory has been producing specialty cheese since 2007 and has won more than 120 medals and trophies from around the world.

OMG Triple Cream Brie (150g) - $15
Aroha Camembert (120g) - $14
Galatic Gold Washed Rind (100g) - $14
Creamy Blue (130g) - $14
Just Ewe (100g) - $16
Black Truffle Brie (100g) - $17.50

Cranky Goat & Moody Cow Cheese


Seasonal goat and cow milk cheese makers from Marlborough. Goat in the summer months and cow in between. They are a family business that specialise in producing the finest artesian cheese, made with love.

Soft Goat (110g) - $9
The Reginald (280g) - $17.50
The Nag (110g) - $12
The Lynton (120g) - $15
Cullensville Gold (110g) - $14
Sandon (110g) - $11
Millie Camembert (110g) - $10
Cranky Goat Feta (130g) - $11

Thorvald & Little River


Little River Brie (125g) - $12
Little River Camembert (125g) - $12
Little River Wildfire (100g) - $12
Little River Mt Richmond (150g) - $12
Thorvald Curado (100g) - $13
Thorvald Camembert (120g) - $11

Clevedon Buffalo Cheese

Clevedon, Auckland

Buffalo Tartinades
Truffles Porcini & Pepper (150g) - $14
Herb & Garlic (150g) - $14
Smoked Paprika (150g) - $14

Marinated Buffalo Cheese
Marinated Garlic & Thyme (300g) - $22
Marinated Chilli & Lime (300g) - $22

Whitestone Cheese

Oamaru, Otago

Totara Stick in wax (150g) - $16
Windsor Blue (110g) - $11

Holy Smoke

Christchurch, Canterbury

Canterbury's' leading light for high quality manuka smoked salmon products. The owner has a long history in the industry and operates his smokehouse from Woolston, fitted out with custom made small batch smokers from the USA.

Manuka Cold Smoked Salmon (100g) - $20.50
Hot smoked, twin portion (180g) - $20.50

The Smokehouse

Mapua, Nelson

The Mapua Smokehouse is legendary and are probably the most experienced fish smokers in all of New Zealand. The Smokehouse secret is using only the freshest fish as well as a 100% natural & preservative free hot smoking process.

Salmon Pate (100g) - $11
Salmon Pate (190g) - $15.50
Mussel Pate (190g) - $15.50
Fish Pate (190g) - $15.50

Grater Goods

Christchurch, Canterbury

Grater Goods is a vegan delicatessen specialising in fine vegan meats and cheeses. Established by husband and wife duo Flip Grater and Youssef Iskrane, Grater Goods’ kaupapa is to bring you all the pleasures of fine foods and gourmet plant based deli items. To show you the breadth of plant proteins, to make delicious vegan meats, cheeses, pates.

Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese (100g) - $13
Faux Gras (100g) - $16
Red Pesto (100g) - $14.50
Plant Pastrami (100g) - $14

Artisan Vinegars

Christchurch, Canterbury

Small batch Vinegar, Mustard and Chutney makers producing a high quality range of boutique products using all natural ingredients.

Honey & Beer Mustard (45g) - $6.50
Honey & Beer Mustard (195g) - $11
Wasabi Mustard (45g) - $6.50
Wasabi Mustard (195g) - $11
Sweet German Mustard (45g) - $6.50
Sweet German Mustard (195g) - $11
Black Garlic Mustard (45g) - $6.50
Black Garlic Mustard (195g) - $11
Kawakawa Mustard (45g) - $6.50
Kawakawa Mustard (195g) - $11
Tamarillo Chutney (45g) - $6.50
Tamarillo Chutney (210g) - $11
Zucchini Chutney (45g) - $6.50
Zucchini Chutney (210g) - $11
Feijoa Chutney (210g) - $11
Shirley Kitchen Spiced Plums (300g) - $13
Chardonnay Vinegar (250ml) - $14
Quince Paste Jar (145g) - $9
Chutney Gift Set (50g x3) - $17.50
Marmalade Gift Set (50g x3) - $18.50

Loburn Grove

Loburn, North Canterbury

Their philosophy is to create fresh, great tasting products using hazelnuts, walnuts and fruit grown on their property and selected local orchards.
Their products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure exceptional quality, using traditional methods. They select only the best fruit and nuts, and the products are free of preservatives and additives.

Feijoa Chutney (45g) - $7.50
Feijoa Chutney (200g) - $13
Spiced Plum Chutney (45g) - $7.50
Spiced Plum Chutney (200g) - $13

Saffer Hot & Spicy

Christchurch, Canterbury

Tomato Relish (small) - $10.50
Tomato Relish (medium) - $17.50
Eggplant Relish (small) - $10.50
Eggplant Relish (medium) - $17.50

Te Mata Figs

Havelock North, Hawkes Bay

Fig Balsamic (100ml) - $11
Fig Chutney (270g) - $14.50
Fig Relish (110g) - $9
Fig Relish (280g) - $14
Fig, Orange & Ginger Preserve (280g) - $14
Mini Fig Cake (120g) - $10.50
Salame di Fichi (190g) - $14.50
Spanish Fig Cake (290g) - $15
Panforte con Fichi (120g) - $14.50
3-Fig Gift Collection - $13 

White Heart Hazelnuts

Tai Tapu, Christchurch, Canterbury

Hazelnut Ginger Cookies (200g) - $11.50
Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies (200g) - $11.50
Spiced Hazelnuts (200g) - $16
Tumeric & Nori Hazelnuts (200g) - $16
Chipotle Hazelnuts (200g) - $16


Wai-Ora Honey

Waiau, North Canterbury

A small family owned and run business producing a stunning range of unheated, unprocessed, organic honey.

Honey Comb (140g) - $13
Honey Comb (350g) - $25

Bones Pickles

Christchurch, Canterbury

Bones pickles are made by Mike Bones who is head chef at Christchurch's 5th Street restaurant. The idea  came about while on A Horticultural field trip from the University of Lincoln's Diploma of Horticulture programme. While talking about what happens to wastage in the industry out came an idea. All of the rejects, juvenile telegraph cucumbers produced at Island Horticulture could be sorted and pickled So that's what we they did. After some trial and error with the recipe the final result is some of the best pickles you'll ever find.

Small Jar (350ml) - $14.50
Large Jar (700ml) - $21.50

Maison Therese

Hawkes Bay

Bread & Butter Pickle (340g) - $9.50
Pickled Gherkins (240g) - $9.50
Pickled Cornichons (340g) - $9.50
Sliced Gherkins (340g) - $9.50

Good Bugs

Hamilton, Waikato

Mixed pickled vege (140g) - $11

Sassy Salt

Christchurch, Canterbury

Michelle, known throughout Canterbury as The Salt Lady, is a self-confessed foodie with a passion for creating interesting sea salt blends using fresh, seasonal produce from local growers who believe in their products. She moved to New Zealand in 2014 after twenty years in France, which is where the root of her business began.

Smoked Garlic Seed Crackers, 2 pieces - $12
Spiced Sesame Crackers, 2 pieces - $12

Rutherford & Meyer Crackers

Lower Hutt, Wellington

Crackers made with passion and authenticity by two North Canterbury farming families who have collaborated to bring you this premium offering. The manufacturing has since moved to Wellington with the same care.

Chickpea Cracker Bites - $6
Beetroot Cracker Bites - $6
Vege Cracker Bites - $6
Rice poppy seed Wafer - $6
Pink peppercorn Wafer - $6
Cranberry Coconut UGP - $7.50

Fruit Paste, Pear (120g) - $9

Whole Harry Superfood Crackers


Apple Crumble (100g) - $8.50
Almond and Tomato (100g) - $8.50
Flax and Kumara (100g) - $8.50
Hemp and Almond (100g) - $8.50

Make it Raw

Fernside, Canterbury

Sweet 'n' Salty Nibblies (50g) - $6
Sweet 'n' Salty Nibblies (150g) - $14
Sweet 'n' Spicy Nibblies (50g) - $6
Sweet 'n' Spicy Nibblies (150g) - $14
Maple 'n' Cinnamon Nibblies (50g) - $6

Maple 'n' Cinnamon Nibblies (150g) - $14
Sundried Tomato Crackers (100g) - $12.50
Rosemary and Almond Crackers (100g) - $12.50
Kalamata Olive Crackers (100g) - $12.50

Grizzly Baked Goods

Christchurch, Canterbury

Ciabatta Large - $10
Ciabatta Mini - $3
Baby Boule Sourdough - $5

Filled Donuts (mixed flavours) - $7.50

Venerdi Gluten Freedom


Broken Black Rice & Polenta Sourdough (2 slices) - $2.50

Native Kitchen

Christchurch, Canterbury

Crispy Chilli Oil (250g) - $25
Paua XO Sauce (130g) - $30

Athena Olives

Waipara Valley, North Canterbury

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Grove Blend (100ml) - $15
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Grove Blend  (250ml) - $31

Two Old Soldiers

Waipara Valley, North Canterbury

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100ml) - $11
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml) - $22
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 L) - $39

Snack Pack


Ianthe is a qualified nutritionist who set up Snack Pack to take the hassle out of healthy eating. Her range of natural goodies covers an array of dietary requirements without refined sugars or overloading your body with salt and preservatives.

I am Vital Organic Popcorn
Himalayan Salted (75g) - $7.50
Sweet & Salty (75g) - $7.50
Delightfully Cheesy (75g) - $7.50

Dr Feelgood Ice Blocks

Tasman Bay, Nelson

An incredibly delicious organic ice cream and ice block range without the use of processed sugars. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used with compostable wrapping.

Chocolate & Raspberry - $6.50
Chocoholic - $6.50
Banoffee - $6.50
Passionfruit & White Chocolate - $6.50
Pink Lemonade - $6.50
Cosmic Cola - $6.50

Little Lato
Bespoke Gelato


Roasted Hazelnut Tub - $13.50
Speculoos Tub 'Little Lato' - $13.50
Vanilla Bean Tub - $13.50
Chocolate Sorbet Tub (Vegan) - $13.50
DF Peanut Butter Chocolate Tub (Vegan) - $13.50
Mango Lassi Tub (Vegan) - $13.50

Izmir Turkish Delight

Christchurch, Canterbury

Izmir Delight produces exceptional quality, authentic Turkish Delight using all natural vegan ingredients. Owned and operated by Pinar, the small business owner brings her rich heritage and love for traditional Turkish treats.

Rose Turkish Delights - $21.50
Pomegranate Turkish Delights - $21.50

Adelphi Fine Chocolate

Christchurch, Canterbury

Founded by Sarah Donovan who has more than 20 years experience in the chocolate industry. Honing her craft at Belle Fleur Chocolates under a third generation Belgian chocolatier in Sydney, Australia, where she worked for 10 years before returning to New Zealand. Handmade with predominantly fair trade and organic quality chocolate and locally sourced ingredients. Adelphi Fine Chocolate specialise in luxurious chocolate truffles that melt in your mouth, whipped chocolate creams, ganache, caramels and pralines. All of which are entirely natural, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Assorted Chocolate Truffle Box (4 piece) - $16.50
Assorted Chocolate Truffle Box (6 piece) - $19.50
Chocolate Bark Florentine, almond & ginger - $16
Chocolate Bark Chipotle - $16
Chocolate Bark Hokey Pokey, honey comb, buckwheat & quinoa - $16
Chocolate Bark Ruby Ripple, raspberry, rhurbarb & marshmellow - $16

Barron Hasselhoff's


Hand crafted chocolate emporium in sweet little Berhampore, Wellington.

Pirate Mary-Rosemary Infused Salted Caramels (6 piece) - $16
Swinging Sultan-Rose, Raspberry & PomegranateTruffles (6 piece) - $16
Bollywood Disco-Chai Spice, Star Anise & Szechuan Pepper Truffles (6 piece) - $16
Sputnik Joe-Rich Espresso Truffles (6 piece) - $16
Pedro Picante-Hazelnut & Chilli Brittle (80g) - $8
Matador Balls-Spiced Mexican Chocolat Cookies (4 pack) GF & vegan - $11
Smuggle Puffs (4 pack) - $13.50

Libertine Tea Blend

Mount Maunganui

Runaway Rose (15 bags) - $17
Minty Ohm (15 bags) - $17
Kapow (15 bags) - $17
Exhale Detox (15 bags) - $19
Lightening Green (15 bags) - $17
Roxy Black (15 bags) - $17
Luxe Grey (15 bags) - $17

Lyttel Ninja Kombucha

Lyttelton, Canterbury

Kombucha (250ml) - $7

Pegasus Bay

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