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The Donaldson Family have been seriously involved in viticulture and winemaking for over 40 years. Founder Ivan Donaldson planted the first Canterbury vineyard in 1976 and went on to establish Pegasus Bay in 1986 with his wife Christine. It is a true family business, with all four of their sons now involved.


The vineyard is located within the Waipara Valley of North Canterbury, on free draining, north facing terraces.  It benefits from being in the lee of the Teviotdale Range, giving maximum protection from the Pacific’s easterly breezes and thus creating a unique mesoclimate.  The vines are over 30 years old, with a large proportion planted on their own roots.  They are located on the “Glasnevin Gravels” where greywacke stones, silt and loam have been washed down from the mountains over the millennia. The soil is of low fertility, resulting in naturally reduced vine vigour.  This produces low yields of optimally ripened, high quality, flavourful grapes, which fully express the qualities of this unique terroir.  The vineyard has warm days, but the nights are amongst the coolest in the Waipara Valley, drawing out the ripening period of the grapes, while still retaining good natural acidity.


Settled weather during Spring resulted in successful flowering and a healthy fruit set, meaning crop thinning was needed in some areas.  Good heat concentration in early to mid-Summer then allowed the grapes to ripen beautifully.  The remainder of Summer and Autumn threw up a mix of hot days interspersed with cooler spells, although rain was sufficiently spread out to ensure the bunches remained healthy and disease free.


Aria is part of Pegasus Bay’s reserve series and is the sister wine to our Bel Canto dry riesling. Both are only made in exceptional years that are favourable for the development of noble botrytis.  After an extended hang time, the bunches were hand selected with a portion of between 30-50% botrytis and a ripeness of approximately 28 Brix.  The grapes were then gently pressed, and the juice fermented slowly at cool temperatures to help the wine retain its vibrant fruit characters and varietal purity.  At all stages, from fermentation to bottling, it was handled very carefully to help retain a little of its naturally dissolved carbon dioxide.  This has resulted in a small amount of spritzig, which adds extra liveliness to the wine and accentuates its freshness.


Upon release it has an alluring golden hue.  Perfumed and zesty, the bouquet is a sumptuous banquet of floral and citrus fragrances.  Lime blossom, star jasmine and rose petal, interplay teasingly with wisps of quince, granny smith, candied orange peel and lemonade.  A feisty seam of acidity dashes across the palate, ensuring the rich and opulent mouthfeel remains focused and precise.  The wine’s impressive structure is emboldened further by a touch of phenolic tartness that acts to balance its charming sweetness, giving rise to a long and succulent close.

Pegasus Bay

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