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Summer 2016/2017

– Nov 14, 2016 –

Pinot Noir – It Stems from the Grappe

Life is full of little quirks and things that seem irrelevant often turn out to be vital. Take the discovery of the cause of the rare Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The sub viral-sized infectious particles were discovered by investigating a similar weird neurological disorder in central highland cannibals in New Guinea so that when there was an epidemic of Creutzfeldt-Jakob in Britain in 1980’s the source was rapidly determined. 

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Spring 2016

– Jul 12, 2016 –

Reaching maturity in style

As your years tick by you will come to realise that there’s only one thing worse than reaching maturity-that’s not making it!-and if you can do it in style then so much the better.

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Autumn 2016

– Mar 22, 2016 –

Pegasus – You’re a Legend!

We have a flighty old nag shut away in a stable out the back and it could tell you a tale or two if it had a mind to do it. For reasons that we don’t know, it’s rather shy, so gather round close or it will overhear us and have a tantrum. Perhaps part of its problem is due to confusion over gender orientation or, to be more precise, sexual identity. 

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